You've found your way to my website, which functions as a digital CV, portfolio, and generally a place to get to know me. My name is Jordan Maris, I'm currently Studying for a master degree in European Studies at Sorbonne-Nouvelle University in Paris, France. Born and Brought up in the UK, I've been living on the continent since 2008, and have spent time in France and Germany.

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Bishop Stopford School, Kettering


Having finished primary school in the UK, I spent two years at the award winning Bishop Stopford School before moving to France in 2008.

Brévet (GCSEs)

Graduated with 1st Class Honours

2008-2011 : Collège Nestor Perret, Pionsat, France

I arrived in France in April 2008. Prior to arrival I spoke no French. I reached fluency in French in my final year at middle school (collège), and graduated with honours.

Baccalauréat STI2D (Sustainable Development and IT) (A-Levels)

Graduated with 1st Class Honours

2011-2014 : Paul-Constans Lycée (High School), Montluçon, France

In 2011, I Integrated Paul-Constans, and studied Sustainable Development and I.T. Throughout my time here, I strengthened my French Skills, and excelled in I.T, Architecture, Energy and German. In my final year, I served as student representative on the board of administrators, as well as the boards of health and discipline.

Binational Degree in European and International Studies Specialising in Franco-German Relations

Graduated with 2st Class Honours (Upper division)

2014-2016 : Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France

2016-2017 : Universität Regensburg, Allemagne

Undergraduate Thesis : How Britain Voted Brexit (pdf)

Having taken a particular interest in international relations, public policy and the european union throughout my scholarity, I decided to undertake a degree in European and International Studies, specialising in Franco-German relations. The degree consisted of 2 years in France and 1 year in Germany, studying themes such as the History of the EU, European Policy and Law.

Master Degree in European Studies

Graduated with 2st Class Honours (Upper division)

2018-2020 : Université Sobonne-Nouvelle, Paris, France

At present, I am studying for a master degree in European Studies.


2013 : Political Blogging - PoliticsUK


Wrote articles on a variety of Subjects including European politics, Wikileaks, hactivism and the Arab spring.

2013 : Board Of Administrators - Paul Constans High School

Elected to Board of Adminnistrators

Having campaigned on a platform of giving students more say in how the high school is run, and opposing bad decisions by the director, I was elected as the student representative on the board of administrators for a year. I was aditionally the student rep for the health board and for disciplinary hearings.

2015 : Bar/Kitchen work, Waiting, Web design - The Ship Inn
Summer Job

Bar work, serving food, preparing food, Web Design

2014 : The Ship Inn Wincle

I spent a couple of months working in a pub in the english countryside, outside of work on the bar, in the kitchen and serving tables, I also created a new website for the pub.

2016 : Communication and Plant Optimisation - Goodyear Dunlop Germany

2016 : Goodyear Dunlop Tires, Hanau, Germany

2016-2017 : Universität Regensburg, Allemagne

As part of my degree's Internship Obligations, I spent 2 months working at the Hanau plant of Goodyear Dunlop Tires. During my time there I assisted the Plant optimisation team in their work in 3 ways : Translating correspondance between plants from French to German and vice verca, Organising tours of the plant for partners and employees from other plants, and developing IT systems to facilitate plant optimisation.

2017 : Communication, Fund Raising - French Federation for UNESCO

French Federation for UNESCO, Paris, France

As the second part of my degree's Internship Obligations, I spent 2 months working in Communication and Fund raising for the French federation for UNESCO in Paris, France. During this time I completely reworked their Logo and Design language, as well as their website.

2017-2018 : Language Assistant - Gymasium Horkesgath

Gymnasium HorkesgathKrefeld, Allemagne

As part of the French Ministry of Education's CIEP programme, I spent a year teaching French in a German Secondary School.

2018 : Communication - Eurosorbonne

Eurosorbonne, Paris, France

At Present, I am a member of the communication department of Eurosorbonne, an organisation founded by students in my Master degree that publishes an online newspaper and organize conferences regarding the Europe of today, as well as regular meet-ups and networking events.

2019 : Secretaire Générale - Jeunes Européens Étudiants de Paris

Jeunes Européens Étudiants de Paris, France

I was recently elected Secretary General of the Paris branch of the Jeunes Européens, a French European Youth Movement.


Passionate about Europe

Having grown up in a particularly European context, i'm deeply passionate about Europe and its values. I believe that it not only has the power to bring us together, but also that it is the only way to face up to globalisation. My love for Europe motivated my decision to study European Studies at Sorbonne-Nouvelle.

IT : Programming & Security

Languages & Litterature

Skill Set

In addition to the in-depth knowledge of the EU, her intitutions, and the political systems of many EU countries, I have a variety of other skills that could be useful.


C2 bilingual


2016-2018 : Lived in Germany

I lived in Germany for two years. I studied at university there for a year (In German), and taught French at a German school for a year.


Specific Skills

IT Skills

IT Skills, Programming

As well as the average IT skillset (MS Office/Libreoffice), I have additional knowledge in a large range of areas : Linux, Programming, Server Management, InfoSec, and more.


Teaching Languages and Code

I spent a year teaching languages in Krefeld, Germany. I also taught code during a set of informal lessons organised in Regensburg in 2017.

Graphic Design & Web Development

Graphic Design and Web Development

I have been coding and doing graphic design as a hobby since i was very young. It has served me well throughout my studies and in various internships and jobs. Particularly during an internship for the French federation for UNESCO and working for the CAPE (Collective of Partner Organisations for Public Education), in which i redesigned their websites and visual identities.


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