Who am I ?

I'm Jordan, a Brit turned European, living on the continent in Regensburg, Germany. I am studying European and International Relations, more specifically those between France and Germany. I have many centres of interest, including politics, history, photography, programming, music and science.


I can code in a multitude of languages including HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, Python and NodeJS.


I can speak fluent English, French and German, and some Spanish.

European Politics

I specialise in the culture and politics of the European Union, with in-depth knowledge of Britsh, French and German politics and culture.

Various IT Skills

I can work to a very advanced level with Libreoffice an Microsoft office. I also specialise in server and network management.


I also enjoy photography, both as a hobby and in work environments.


I enjoy writing in general, be it articles, poetry or fiction. Some of my work is availiable on Medium.

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Integrated the award winning Bishop Stopford SchoolKettering, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom


Moved to France with my family. Integrated Collège Nestor Perret.Pionsat, Auvergne France


Interned at Cordon S2MI, a computer repair firm.Montluçon, Auvergne France


Graduated with Honours (Mention Bien) from Collège Nestor Perret.Pionsat, Auvergne France Integrated Lycée Paul Constans. Studied IT and sustainable developement.Montluçon, Auvergne France


Wrote articles on a variety of Subjects including European politics, Wikileaks, hactivism and the Arab spring. PoliticsUK Elected in High-school elections to board of administrators and health board. Lycée Paul Constans Montluçon, France


Graduated with Honours (Mention Très Bien) from Lycée Paul Constans.Montluçon, Auvergne France Integrated Bachelor degree on Franco-German Relations at Université Blaise-Pascal.Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne, France


Worked at The Ship Inn bar service, table service, kitchen work, web development.Wincle, Cheshire, UK


Moved to Hanau. Interned at Goodyear Dunlop Germany doing translation and developing IT solutions in the production department.Hanau, Hesse, Germany Moved to Regensburg. Integrated 3rd year of Bachelor degree on Franco-German Relations at Universität Regensburg.Regensburg, Bayern, Deutschland


Interned at Fédération Française pour l'UNESCO in communication and fundraising.Paris, France




As part of a project for my degree, I remade its website, going from a 90's style, outdated mess, full of uncompliant HTML to a HTML5 compliant, mobile ready, modern site that respected the universities identity.

The Ship Inn


The Ship Inn, a beautiful, charming country pub in Wincle, Cheshire, needed a web presence. Designed from scratch, with easy menu management. Currently under redesign to material design standards.

La Fédération Française pour l'UNESCO


When I started my internship at the French federation for UNESCO, I discovered their outdated web presence and built a new one, based on social sharing, mobile-friendly design and a brand new identity which we built from scratch.